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Dr Sean Strong


Evangelist Sean Strong has been hand-picked, sanctified and called by God to be a Revivalist for this day and hour that we live in.  Sean preaches like the men and women of old who were not afraid or ashamed to preach about the blood and of living a life of holiness and righteousness.  His ministry's mission is to reach the lost and to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to train, impact, and influence this generation to operate in the Kingdom laws so they can walk as the ambassadors that God has made them to be. He boldly preaches, stands strong on and will not compromise the truths or the foundations of the Bible which is God's holy inspired word.



"The accuracy to which God's Word is preached and applied will define this generation."
- Evangelist Sean Strong

Sean & Crystal Strong

Sean grew up in church.  His dad was a Youth Pastor and his grandpa was a preacher who flowed heavily in the prophetic.  As a young teenager, the things of the world looked more appealing and interesting to Sean than going to church, which eventually led to his straying away.

At the age of 17 God sent him a wake up call.  He was involved in a terrible car accident, and was spared only because God kept His mighty hand upon him.  Six months later, Sean attended an Acquire The Fire convention.  He felt the Holy Spirit convicting and compelling him.  So he stopped running, turned around and gave his life over to God once and for all.

It was during this time in Sean's life that he felt the call of God.  He began an internship with his Pastor in Oklahoma City.  Soon after, he started traveling with his Pastor and began preaching in his home church as well as a few other churches during his internship.  

‚ÄčIn 1999, Sean met the 2nd love of his life, Crystal, and they were married April of 2000.  Their son, Jeremiah was born in 2002 and their daughter Brooklyn in 2006.  In 2001 he founded, Standing Strong Ministries.  Sean was a Youth Pastor for 9 years, then started traveling full time as an evangelist. His home church is
Lighthouse Ministry Center in Lebanon, with Pastor Tom and Teresa Hill.


Jeremiah & Brooklyn Strong

Jeremiah & Brooklyn Strong love the Lord and are very active in their home church and with SSM.