Gideon 300 Strong

 On a recent visit to Jerusalem, God gave me a vision of an army of people standing with me and helping me fulfill the call of God upon my life.

I heard in my spirit “Gideon 300 Strong." I began to see a vision of 300 people who believe in the anointing and call of God upon my life who would dedicate to the two fold purpose. 1)  Pray for me daily. What God has called me to do is bigger than me and I must have the prayers of God’s people.
2) Commit to sowing a monthly seed of $30 to help me touch America and the world with the message of hope that God has given me to deliver.

I believe out of the multitudes of people throughout the world that have been blessed by some area of our ministry, that at least 300 will commit to become a part of Gideon 300 Strong.

Never have I been as excited about what God is about to do than I am right now. This is bigger than me. I need the help of God’s people. In Judges Chapter 7, Gideon, along with an army of 300 men, won one of Israel’s greatest victories. I too believe if I have an army of 300 like Gideon we can accomplish so much more for the kingdom of God. Will you be one of my army of 300? If so, please visit the Donations page to join and make your first month's commitment. 

Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for your love, prayers, and financial support in the past. Together we have seen many lives changed and together we can see even more lives changed,

I am praying for you.

Love in Christ,

Sean Strong