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We love to hear how God has impacted your life in one of our services. Feel free to contact our office.

Standing Strong Ministries

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Mark Baggett, Wilmington, NC

 Mark was in the hospital the week of Thanksgiving with a staph infection and an ulcer on his foot from diabetes. The doctor’s were afraid the infection had reached his bone and he was going to have to have his toe amputated. He called the Daily Word of Strength number and received encouragement by the Daily Word that was given. We got word of him in the hospital, so Bro. Sean called him and prayed with him over the phone. Bro. Mark received his healing.... The infection did not reach the bone and his toe did not have to be amputated. That’s the power of prayer. We give all glory to God!!

Penny Lott, Ft. Smith, AR

 Penny and her husband were doing some cleaning. One of them had sprayed some bleach, and the other had used some ammonia. The mixing of the chemicals caused burns in her lungs that left her with major scar tissue. The doctor gave her 3 to 5 years to live. Later that year, she attended a Tent Revival there in Ft. Smith where Bro. Sean was preaching. Bro. Sean had a lady put her hands on Ms. Lott and she said she immediately couldn’t breathe. She thought to herself, “I’m either going to die or be healed.” He breathed on her and she instantly felt the power of God. She went back to the doctor and he said the scar tissue was gone. The doctor can’t explain it and wanted to know what she did! That’s the God we serve!

Wilmington, NC

 Revival broke out in Wilmington, NC. We were only scheduled to stay one week, but ended up in a two week move of God. The Apostle who brought us into New Testament Mission was praying for another building to plant another church. God spoke a prophetic word through Bro. Sean at the end of the first week that she was going to get a building. It wasn’t but a few days later, God gave her supernatural favor and she had her new church. She said it was all God because she couldn’t afford it financially, but God gave her favor and worked it all out on her behalf! Praise the Lord!

Ft. Smith, AR

 A young man gave his heart to God and received deliverance that night. We later learned that a week prior he had tried to commit suicide. God saved him!

Dave, Pine Ridge, SD

Doctors said Dave wouldn't be able to walk, that he really should be in a wheelchair. Bro. Sean prayed for him. Dave said he felt his spine twitching and his bones moving. God healed him! He testified the next night that he no longer needs his cane to help him walk.

Vaster Emmanuel , Wilmington,NC

 Vaster, attended our revival services. He was healed of kidney failure and is now coming off dialysis. We serve a healing God!

A Letter


We received a letter from our dear friends that attended our Prophetic Conference:

Dear Bro. Sean and Family,
I am writing this day, to give GOD GLORY and PRAISE!!! To give THANKS to GOD and your ministry. We sowed seed intoEXCELLENT ground, STANDING STRONG MINISTRIES, and have already reaped a HARVEST!! We went to Alabama for
Thanksgiving and while there, within hours of being in town. GOD put on one of my brother-in laws heart, to bless us 
with about 10 times the amount we sowed. GOD is AWESOME!!! Thank you for your obedience to GOD and your calling.

Love Ya'll -Jimmy, Angie & Adrianna