Today is
.   The day for your miracle to be manifested! I welcome you to Standing Strong Ministries. This is the year of NO LIMITS! Where God has already pulled all of the stops that have held you back or have slowed you down before. This year we make a vow to stop limiting God because our God is a Limitless God. Sit back and watch what God will do this year for you if you only believe.
Evangelist Sean Strong has been hand-picked, sanctified and called by God to be a Revivalist for this day and hour that we live in.  Sean preaches like the men and women of old who were not afraid or ashamed to preach about the blood and of living a life of holiness and righteousness.  His ministry's number one mission is to reach the lost and to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  He boldly preaches, stands strong on and will not compromise the truths or the foundations of the Bible which is God's holy inspired word.

Sean holds revivals in churches and tent meetings where he ministers powerfully with in his giftings of prophecy, healing and miracles.  He would like to see his tent revivals go world wide. Anyone who knows or has been to one of Rev. Sean's revivals know that they will experience a mighty move of God and they come expecting it.

"If you really want to meet with God you have to leave the visible and go into the invisible." - Evangelist Sean Strong

Evangelist Sean and Crystal Strong 

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